Untitled by Jerry Vincent Sauer.
Copyright 1992, 1999 
Jerry Vincent Sauer, 
All Rights Reserved

Azure Elephants

by Charles Matthew Sauer

It was not unanticipated, the end of the day:
The soporific fog rising from the iris river, 
and steam rising from a dripping azure elephant calf
climbing onto the steep banks,
on this, eponymous evening.

And all one could but think
was of captivating drops of rain
on blank sheets of music like soprano and mezzo, 
as the mother helped the calf with 
outstretched trunk,
and kept her close by
into the calico and dense green cadenza;
they disappeared into the subterfuge of night.

Curious night, always waking, all things replaced and original,
mezzo and rain,
eponyms and elephants.
This (held carefully and close) is still night
as if it will not pass...

Copyright 1995, 1999 Charles Matthew Sauer
All Rights Reserved.